Frequently Asked Questions

I purchased tickets, when will I receive the secret location?

The secret address will be emailed to you at 12 noon on the day of the show! If for some reason you need to know the address ahead of time, reach out to

What is Don't Tell Comedy?

Don't Tell Comedy is a grassroots organization that brings together comedians, hosts, and guests, for mysterious nights full of laughter, friendship and good vibes.

How did Don't Tell Comedy Start?

Kyle KA, the creator of DTC, grew sick and tired of paying for a 2 drink minimum at comedy clubs. $9 for a Corona?! Kyle had so much fun at one of his friends backyard comedy shows that he started Don't Tell Comedy with the hopes of bringing top talent into fun, community settings where comedy lovers can laugh and hang out on a budget.

What happens at a Don't Tell Comedy show?

Guests are greeted by one of our positive, personable, and kind Don't Tell producers/comedians. Guests are free to mingle before the show and talk politics, gossip, or post complimentary photos on social media.

Guests are then encouraged to turn off or silence cellular devices so they can enjoy an all-star night of comedy. The lineup is a complete secret. You will find out who is performing when they are introduced to go up on stage.