Hayley Beacon

Oakland, CA

Hay is a very cool, intimidating comedian and writer from the San Francisco Bay Area where they run Don’t Tell Comedy shows, and a life-changing weekly stand-up showcase in a parking lot behind a taco shop. Despite being smart, most of their jokes about the stupid things that they’ve done and won’t stop doing. Fully acknowledging they sound like a pathological liar, Hay's material is honestly sourced from real life experiences, and comes out as defensive Zillennial rhetoric, on-stage spiraling, and pop-psychology references. They also used to be in a band but who cares. Their prime demos are 20-year-old boys, middle aged women filled with regret, and dads who are interested in learning how to be woke. So if you’re one of those, come to a show. If not, just bring one. Mostly, Hay is a very good person who somehow never does anything wrong.