Don't Tell Comedy Fan testimonial


Don't Tell Comedy FAN

“The people who put together Don't Tell Comedy have built something so fun and unique and communal. I met such smart and talented comics and producers and have made some new friends in the process. Sorry to blow up your spot, guys - I'm telling everyone!”

Don't Tell Comedy Atlanta testimonial



"Filming a Secret Set for Don’t Tell Comedy has skyrocketed the trajectory of my career by lightyears. It led to gaining 100K+ followers across multiple social media platforms, opening for household name comedians on theater tours, signing with a manager, and appearing on the Tonight Show 4 months after my Don't Tell Comedy set was released. Don’t Tell Comedy has become a champion in this new wave of comedy and they’re here to bring deserving new comics up the ladder with them.”

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“I’ve done Don't Tell Comedy shows in NY, LA, SF, Vegas, and Boston, in yoga studios, backyards, and living rooms. No matter what city or venue, the crowds are not just hot, they’re with it. It’s the energy of a club with the sensibility of an alt room. It’s true comedy fans who came to both laugh and try something new. Don’t Tell is just as much fun for the comics as it is for the audience.”

Don't Tell Comedy Boston testimonial



“In 15 plus years of doing comedy, agreeing to do a Secret Set presented by Don’t Tell Comedy was one of my best moves yet. It opened the door to performing on Season 10 of Comedy Central Digital’s standup series and has gotten me many gigs around the Los Angeles area and about the country. It will raise your profile immensely, but I warn please be prepared for the opportunity. I have taped for television before and treated this shot no differently. I had the luxury of past experiences to rely on; however, Kyle and his team will make the experience a walk in the park regardless of your level of experience. Their professional crew set-up, respect for comedians, and understanding of show running go above and beyond and all the comedian has to do is bring it.”

Don't Tell Comedy fan testimonial


Don't Tell Comedy FAN

“Don't Tell Comedy is amazing. I watch a lot of stand-up on TV/Netflix, but this was my first live show, so I wasn't sure what to expect. All of the comics were hilarious anb I was laughing my ass off the whole time!”

Don't Tell Comedy Host and Fan testimonial

Talia W.

Don't Tell Comedy HOST + FAN

“I attended a show in LA and it was HILARIOUS. I wanted to host after seeing how much fun it was. I talked to Kyle and set it up. The crew came over, set everything up themselves, I didn't have to lift a finger! When the show was over, they tore everything down quickly, put my house back exactly how they found it, and it looked like nobody had even been here! The crowd is extremely respectful of the house (and in general). I'd host every single time if they'd let me!”

Don't Tell Comedy Host and Fan testimonial



“I’ve been a part of the Don't Tell Comedy community since day one in San Francisco performing in living rooms, backyards, camera shops, etc. I was pumped when Kyle asked me to be a part of the first DTC taping in Los Angeles because I trust these guys and knew they weren’t messing around. I’ve been in LA for two years now and doing this set with DTC was the best decision I’ve ever made. In the two months since releasing the set and four of my clips on their social channels, my IG has grown from 6K to 30K, I signed with a manager at Levity Live, and I've been able to get booked more around Los Angeles. I love working with Don't Tell because they care about the quality of what they do, and they always take care of the comics and want to set us all up for success.”