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“I attended a show in LA and it was HILARIOUS. I wanted to host after seeing how much fun it was. I talked to Kyle and set it up. The crew came over, set everything up themselves, I didn't have to lift a finger! When the show was over, they tore everything down quickly, put my house back exactly how they found it, and it looked like nobody had even been here! The crowd is extremely respectful of the house (and in general). I'd host every single time if they'd let me!”

- Talia W. (Don't Tell Comedy fan)

Don't Tell Fort Collins (Fort Collins)

Friday July 14th 8:30 p.m.

Doors open @ 8 p.m.

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This show was at
The Lyric

The Ethos The Lyric is a locally owned eclectic community hub that generates, distributes, and exhibits creative arts. We exist to amplify local voices, to foster creativity, and to bring together communities from Fort Collins and beyond. The Venue Located at 1209 N College Avenue in Fort Collins, Colorado, The Lyric boasts three indoor movie theaters and a towering outdoor movie screen. These theaters are used for movies, music, presentations, weddings, parties, and anything else we can dream up. Our lobby is equipped with a full bar, counter-service restaurant, gift shop, pinball machines, a stage, and is a great spot to grab a bite and a drink! Each of these areas is individually rentable - check out our rentals page for more details. The original Lyric Theater in Fort Collins entertained audiences from 1915 until the 1960s from its location at 131 East Mountain Avenue. The current Lyric, with the name paying homage to the original, initially opened in 2007 in an old dry cleaners’ building a block to the east on the other side of the street. From its inception, The Lyric has been an independent locally owned movie theater with a focus on unique events.In 2017, The Lyric moved to its current location at 1209 N College Avenue. It was a vacant lot when we moved in and was constructed from the ground up to the wild wonderland you see today. In 2020, COVID caused The Lyric to briefly close its doors and reassess its trajectory. What emerged was less of an independent movie theater and more of a vibrant event space dedicated to showcasing film, music, visual art, and more!

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